Monday, 18 June 2012

X-periment #2.0 - Transition


In this post, the main highlight is on the light gold silky tank top.

A's Outfit 1

The top has been paired with a skin coloured leather shorts for a casual day out in the sun. The brown suede hat complements the neutral toned colour scheme, while the slippers bring together the look and adds a casual highlight.

A's Outfit 2

A black bandage skirt spices up the outfit, and gives it a more polished feel; while the print gives the outfit an extra dimension. Gold sandals and some gold and black bangles add a classy touch to an otherwise simple outfit.

A's Outfit 3

Here, the top has been paired with a sheer half cut maxi skirt, which gives the outfit a very trendy vibe. Simple gold and black jewellery adds an elegant air to the look, and some light gold heels complete it. A great outfit for a night out!

Hope you enjoyed it!

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