Friday, 10 August 2012

X-periment #2.5 - Transition

Hi lovelies!
For today's post, I've chosen a simple light navy green tube top with a layered effect.

E's Outfit 1

The top has been paired with some denim shorts, sandals and a straw hat for a casual look. A knot has also been tied in the top to add a summery feel, while the oversized clutch and bunch of bracelets keep it trendy. A simple side ponytail finishes off the summery outfit.

E's Outfit 2

A red bandage skirt has been chosen for this outfit, while the full effect of the layered top has been shown. To complement the red, is skinny gold belt and gold sandals; which keeps it classy. A messy updo adds to the simplicity of the look.

E's Outfit 3

The top has been dressed up for a night out, with a floral bib necklace, black studded heels and the same blue clutch. Again, keeping things simple yet sophisticated, allows the uniqueness of top to stand out. It has also been turned around to relocate the layered material behind. This gives off the effect of a train, which adds to the dressy style; as does the long straight hair.

Hope you enjoyed this post :)


  1. I love how you did 3 different styles on that top and it's a cool combination! There's no way I can even differentiate that it's from the same top.

  2. love the outfit! the combination is perfect♥
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    Love, Lie

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